The people’s participation in the political process is the essence of Democracy.  Unfortunately, it seems that many of our elected officials have been bought by well-moneyed lobbyists and we are all paying the price.  These career politicians have more interest in representing the industries that keep them in office than the people they promise to represent.  I believe in Democracy, which is why I signed the Voters First Pledge.  I believe that the people are the antidote to this disease of power hungry politicians and their dirty money.

I am not a career politician pursuing power for power’s sake or jumping from office to office when my term limit is up.  I am a citizen who is fed up with the greed and corruption in Columbus and Washington.  I am a citizen who is fed up with the unchecked and unchallenged power of the status quo.  As it stands, the status quo runs on a platform of “wedge” issues and with that misplaced focus, they have run our future into the ground.  Ohio lacks true, principled leadership—representatives whose values cannot be bought and sold.

The focus of my campaign is on the future of our families.  I will fight for jobs in our district.  I will fight to bring home our men and women serving in Iraq.  I will fight for a more robust healthcare system that will include all families.  I will fight for our public education system.  I fought for my country in Vietnam, and I will fight, every day, for the issues that affect our families every day.

This election offers a clear choice to the people of the 4th district—do you want more of the same old politics or do you want a Congressman who will represent you?

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